You can hear the sound of good marketing writing. It sounds like a ringing phone, the ping of a new email, or the chime of a customer walking into a store. Good copywriting and content marketing has to do more than offer a consistent voice that speaks to your target in their language. It also has to compel them to take action.

From the ad or e-book that entices them to learn more, to the web copy that sells them, to the instruction manual that brings them back the next time, Rocket’s content engineering, copywriting and technical writing services provide marketing content throughout the entire marketing lifecycle: content that pays for itself quickly in clients won, clients retained – and clients compelled to turn their friends into clients as well.

Think of it as putting nearly two decades of persuasive expertise between you and your prospects in a way that won’t create any friction between you and your bookkeeper.

Content Marketer, Copywriter

David McLaughlin

Senior Copywriter & Web Content Marketing Developer & Manager

With experience ranging from military service and broadcast journalism to IP commercialization and agency creative direction, Dave possesses the diversity of life experience essential to a professional marketing-communication strategist.

Beyond being an accomplished, award-winning copywriter and creative director, Dave also offers strong scientific and technical experience that empowers him to translate complex technical information into clear, compelling messages that are interesting, exciting and easily understood in layperson terms.