Starting with market research that may involve everything from interviewing product designers and service staff to conducting customer surveys and reviewing web analytics, we acquire an understanding of what you offer, what your prospects are looking for – and most importantly – how to connect the two.

From an informed position we develop a strategy that articulates both vehicle and message. Lots happens before a single word of copy is written.

Then we craft a message that speaks to your audience about what your business does in a way that incites action. Along the way, everything we do is reviewed in-house by highly qualified editors to ensure it not only offers premium punch and pull, but professional polish as well.

And the process doesn’t end there. Analysis of the effectiveness of the media and the message is a consideration as well.

It is also important to consider that the customer relationship doesn’t end when a prospect becomes a client. Professional, clear, compelling messaging in an instruction manual, in social media, in press releases, in loyalty campaigns is just as important as messaging in lead generation and sales materials.

It’s great to transform a prospect into a client. But transforming a client into an ambassador for your product – and your brand – is where the smart money is.

Why hire a professional content marketer/copywriter?

Your pickup line might get you a date. Ours will get you a honeymoon!

Surprisingly, many companies will commit untold resources to choosing the right colours and fonts for their new website only to slap up a cliched tagline and a few paragraphs of corporate bla, bla bla that probably uses the word solutions a lot. We all know from experience that good-looking is well… good, but good-looking with brains, a sense of humour and some sort of guarantee is so much better.

Truly successful businesses write to articulate the features and benefits of their products, emphasize their points of difference in the market place and make prospects comfortable about moving further into the marketing lifecycle. They know that a nice suit or a slick brochure may help a little when it comes to moving product, but it’s the words that do the heavy lifting.

If we improve your copy enough to attract one new client you’ve probably paid for us. Now consider that a copywriter also:

  • Crafts clever messaging that breaks through and sticks with prospects in fewer ad placements to cut cost
  • Writes in a way that fosters a low-risk vibe that makes the prospect comfortable about taking the next step
  • Takes the writing off your plate and provides economies of scale for better results with less effort from you
  • Knows how to dig out the “real” benefits of your products to engage your prospects’ emotional drives
  • Offers the skills to render low-cost, high-proliferation media releases, newsletters and blogs and social media campaigns economical
  • Researches and crafts documents such as white papers and e-books that create buzz, demonstrate thought-leadership, foster respect for your business and generate qualified inbound leads